Game Difficulty and Elitism

I will never understand why some gamers worry or care about how other gamers play games. A wise man once said “Don’t worry bout the fuck I be doin”. How does one player, playing on easy, affect another player, playing on hard? It doesn’t. At all.

We all play games for different reasons. Some want a challenge, others just want to relax. I almost always fall into the second category. I have a stressful job. Games are my chance to relax and enjoy some interactive entertainment. They help me get my mind off the horrible shit I’ve seen, and the horrible shit going on in the world. So why the fuck would anyone care if I play on easy mode? The truth is, most gamers don’t really care. Only the “elitist” cares.

The “elitist” actually shows up in pretty much every hobby or interest. You’ve seen it’s many forms and may have just not realized it. It’s the Guinness beer drinker who proclaims that your not a real beer drinker if you don’t drink Guinness. It’s the long time Black-hawks fan that’s pissed at all the new fans getting into hockey just because the team is doing good. They are not real fans, only he is the real fan. Yes, these jackasses show up everywhere. They are the self proclaimed gatekeepers of what constitutes a real (insert interest here).

When it comes to the “elitist” gamer, they are really just shitty people with no real sense of accomplishment. They suck at everything else in life and were probably made fun of at some point. Now is their chance to say shit like “get good” or “uninstall noob”, and make others feel shitty like they did.

I’m not saying all games need an easy mode. It should be up to the developer. If the developer feels it’s part of his vision for the game, then so be it. The game will not appeal to as large of an audience, but it’s the developers right to do that.

I don’t care how anyone else enjoys playing. Personally I wouldn’t buy a game that didn’t have an adjustable difficulty setting. It makes no difference to me how anyone else plays. If it makes a difference to you, then your a douche.

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Star Wars : Jedi – Fallen Order

Respawn released a trailer today for it’s up coming Star Wars: Jedi – Fallen Order.  They dropped a bombshell when they announced, and EA confirmed, no micro-transactions and single player only.  Holy crap!  Could this be the start of EA redeeming themselves? Day one buy for me if it is.  What do you think?  Leave a comment below.

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News IRL Ep 2 | PC Gaming News

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The Evil Within 2 | Reviewed – Recommended

I love horror games.  I play them with a headset and in the dark for maximum scare.  The Evil Within 2, from developer Tango Gameworks is grotesque and twisted third person survival horror game that will keep you jumping out of your seat.

The graphics are a mixed bag.  Some of the sets are very well done and some look like they were done in a hurry.  In fact, the closer I was to the end of the game, the more the content seemed thrown together.  The graphics engine used for this game seems to be getting long in the tooth.  Despite all that the developer did an outstanding job creating delightfully horrifying sets.

The story is pretty vanilla.  Your daughter was kidnapped by an evil corporation and you need to work with them to get her back.  Every time you think you’ve found her, she slips through your fingers.  However, there are a few surprises along the way and an unexpected twist.  Some of the characters don’t exactly feel fully fleshed out however.  Stefano’s motivations seemed to elude me, as did Theodore’s.  You will need to read the story summary for The Evil Within to under stand what’s going on in this second game in the series.

Game play itself is typical of a survival type game.  You will spend a lot of time exploring and gathering items to upgrade your weapons and craft ammo.  The crafting is very simplified, but that’s the way I like it.  As you explore your discover items explaining the fate of the citizens of Union.  You can watch some of the game play over at my Youtube channel.

The combat is a bit clunky. You’ll face zombie like creatures that for the part all behave the same.  They will stagger slowly towards you until they are within a few feet, at which point they will sprint.  If they make contact they will either knock you down or grab onto you.  This leads to a simple quick-time like event where you’ll mash some buttons.  If you find it too difficult, the difficulty is adjustable on the fly.  This is feature that needs to be in every game.  I’m a big proponent of playing games the way you want to play them and not how someone else thinks you should play them.

Despite it’s short-comings. I enjoyed my time in The Evil Within 2, and will look forward to more games in this series and from this developer. The Evil Within 2 has no exclusivity deals and is available on Steam, GOG, and most other PC store clients.  Therefore this game is being placed on my “Recommended” list.

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The Critical Geeks Ep 1 | Captain Marvel

I’m happy to announce I’ll be collaborating with an old friend on a new YouTube series and Podcast.  The Critical Geeks is a bi-weekly show that takes a critical look at what’s trending in movie, TV, comics, gaming, and more.  Let me know what you think in the comments below.  Also let us know if there is something you’ld like to see us cover.

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News IRL Ep 1 | PC Gaming News

I’m happy to announce a new series on my YouTube channel, News IRL.  This will be a weekly PC Gaming news round-up that will publish on Saturdays.

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Let’s Play | Resident Evil 2 – 2019

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BioWare’s Funeral Anthem | Reviewed – Not Recommended

As a huge fan of BioWare’s previous games, I’m having hard time with my feelings about Anthem.  Hell, I took the day off of work for the launch.  I’ve talked about how much I love BioWare and how excited I was for Anthem on the podcast.  However, I have come to accept that Anthem is a bad game.  Don’t get me wrong, there are things to like about Anthem, just not enough to keep me playing.  After spending more than 50 hours in the game I can’t understand why it took 6 years to make.

The graphics are beautiful.  So beautiful that I’ve stopped in the middle of game play, completely in awe of my surroundings.  The Frostbite 2 engine really shines.  From the glowing walls of tunnels, to watching the sunset from a mountain bluff. But the beauty of the game does not make up for it’s shortcomings.

Loading screens, after loading screen, removes me from the immersion of this beautifully created world.  So do all the connection errors and crashes. This makes the game feel more like a beta than a triple A title.  It also adds to the frustration you will experience trying to play with your friends, and even rando’s.

Then there is the lack of content.  The weapons and abilities simply lack variety.  One assault rifle feels the same as the next and so on.  When you do reach end game you’ll need to grind the same three strongholds over and over, or the same mission types over and over again.  Sorry BioWare, but that’s just not fun.  Looking at your road-map I see very little content coming between now and May, and I see little reason to keep playing.  Therefore I have to put this one on my “Not Recommended” list.

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Why PC Gamers Don’t Care About Google Stadia


Stadia is Googles new cloud based game streaming service.  As of this writing, no price has been announced.  Hilariously, Google announced Stadia as if they were the first to the table with a game streaming service.  We all remember the fate of On-live don’t we.

So why don’t PC gamers care about Stadia?  Because building and customizing your rig is a huge part of the lure of PC gaming.  To put it in automotive terms, it’s the difference between taking a ride in a muscle car your renting, and actually owning and building your own.

What about the console crowd?  While console players may not have an attachment to their hardware, they do have an attachment to the communities and ecosystems created by the Sony PS4 and Microsoft Xbox.

Silicon valley also seems to be out of touch with reality when it comes to the average U.S. households bandwidth and data caps.  As of Q1 2017 the national average for broadband was 18.75mbps.  Per Digital Foundry Google recommends 25mbps for it’s Stadia service.

So who is this for?  I honestly cannot answer that question.  Really I think Google just wants to stay in the news cycle.  Plenty of main stream games media have been tripping all over themselves to exclaim how Stadia is “A Game Changer”.  To that all I can say is nope, it’s not.

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An Epic Blunder


Tim Sweeny has stated that he wants to beat Steam by luring publishers to Epic and locking them in with exclusive deals. While I understand why this might be appealing to developers, I stand by my statements on Twitter. Exclusives are bad for gaming, bad for gamers, and anti-consumer.

Why are exclusives bad? Just ask our console brethren. Of course, some will argue that downloading another store client isn’t the same. Maybe, maybe not. The one thing that is proven by history is, when something is sold in only one place, it ultimately costs more.

Of course this hasn’t stopped some of the main stream games media from giving Epic a pass. Hell, PC Gamer is practically running PR for Epic store on Twitter. Why? Why would PC Gamer Mag, support something that hurts PC Gaming? Is the main stream gaming media still upset with Steam over “Rape Day”?

So far Epic has lured some big titles into it’s unmarked panel van of a store, and this has pissed off a whole lot of pc gamers. What do you think about Epic’s behavior? Leave your comments below and let me know.

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